Proverbs 16:3

If you want a special event to be Filmed or want a photo shoot please click on the contact us button for further information.

About Me: I love reaching out to the Youth, Adults, Kids and Families by spreading the love of God and making a Positive Impact in there life's not only with my testimony but with the Films/Videos I work on. I'am currently working on Short Film's so please keep in touch through this website thank you and GOD bless you.

UPDATES:We will be working on a Zombie based Film on December, 15 2012. On December 23, 2012 Steven will be traveling to Mexico with his Family where he will be Filming a Short as well. 

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Director's Steven Chavez and Anthony Peters are teaming up 

to start a Production Company 

in 2013. 

Steven Chavez. 18. Pomona, C.A

Anthony Peters. 18.Chino, C.A

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 If you are a writer, director, editor, producer, actor, actress, designer, musician, dancer etc and would like to collab or work with us please go to the contact us section.

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